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EXTREME WeatherPLUS™ Radius-Edge Outdoor Enclosed Letter Boards with Header and Posts | Single Locking Door, Display Stand in 10 Metal Cabinet Sizes

Freestanding Outdoor Letter Board Display Cases with Radius Edges and Message Header Built for Changing Weather Conditions
SwingCase Extreme WeatherPlus™ Radius Edge Letter Board with Personalized Message Header and Posts - a weather-resistant and durable solution designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while effectively conveying external information. Whether it's for students, customers, employees, or passersby, this letter board with changeable letters is built to protect your message and ensure its visibility.

Create a Message Header That Attracts Attention
The header above the single door is designed to catch the attention of people passing by. It includes a 5-inch panel where you can display your logo, company name, church name, school name, organization name, team name, product name, event name, or any other message you want to present. If it's an all text message keep it short and simple for quick and easy reading.

Your Personalized Header Text Message Printed Free!
We offer up to 3" height uppercase Black Helvetica Font for your message header panel. If you prefer, you can leave the panel blank and print the message yourself. Or have a local sign shop do it. It's easy to insert into the cabinet header. Additionally, you have the option to upload a black-and-white or color logo or a message in a different font for an added cost. Please get in touch with us for further details.

Extreme WeatherPlus™ Add-on Features for Harsher Weather Conditions
As climate change continues to affect weather patterns, we received an increasing number of requests from our customers who require message board display cases that can withstand harsh outdoor environments. In response to this need, our Extreme WeatherPlus™ line of Outdoor Message Centers was developed. These cases are designed to endure extreme weather conditions while protecting the information displayed.

Additionally, the aluminum cabinet of the letter board comes with a secure front lock that ensures the safety of the content and protects it from theft and vandalism. The shatter-resistant acrylic window provides a clear viewing area, while the waterproof seal prevents water from seeping in, keeping the content dry and legible at all times.

Not The Typical Outdoor Letterboard Display
Our Extreme WeatherPlus™ Standing Outdoor Letter Board with Header and Radius Edges display is not your typical letter board. It features a felt letterboard that resists warping from the sun.

Extreme WeatherPlus™ Outdoor Cases with Letter Boards, Radius Edge and Header
Made in the USA

Free Changeable White Plastic Letter Set
A 3/4" sprue set of letters and numbers (290 characters) comes with each Extreme WeatherPlus™ letterboard. Insert the white plastic letters into a felt letter board display board to create messages for your retail store, business, or organization. Create schedules, menus, directories, products & prices, lists, and events.

Letter Board Design Options: Create eye-catching letter board designs with Helvetica and Roman plastic letter and character sets in 1/2", 3/4", 1", 2", and 3" height sizes and Grooved Letter Board Panels in Black or Grey.

All Weather, Lockable Outdoor Display Case Sizes
These weatherproof metal exterior displays are available in 10 standard sizes, making them perfect for outdoor cafes, restaurants, delis, building directories, messaging boards for schools, libraries, communities, and government agencies, as well as events.

Extreme WeatherPlus™ display cases offer numerous case sizes to communicate a wide range of announcements, from popular 11" x 17", 18" x 24", 24x36, 30x40, and larger, with custom sizes available.

Extreme WeatherPlus™ Custom Outdoor Letter Boards
If you're in need of a Custom Enclosed Letter Board in a specific size, we have you covered. Our enclosed cabinet designs come with Extreme WeatherPlus™ features, perfect for all weather conditions. We offer custom-built cabinets in all sizes, be it free-standing or wall mount, with 1, 2, or 3 doors. Contact our custom design team and let us know what you need for your next project and location, and we'll provide you with a quote..

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