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USA-Made Snap Frames by Length

Snap Frames Available in Black or Silver, 1 1/4" or 1 5/8" Width, up to 144" Length

SwingFrames4Sale, through its company owned SwingFrame Manufacturing, has designed and engineered an Aluminum Snap Frame Extrusion with a popular frame profile 1.25" wide. These snap open frames can be assembled in sizes to meet your wide-ranging interior and exterior signage needs. But if a display company requires snap frame lengths for their display projects, SwingFrames4Sale can provide these lengths.

Flexibility and Quick Change makes these cost effective Mitered Aluminum Snap Frames a popular choice for numerous poster and signage applications. By offering Snap Frames in length allows display Fixture Mfg’s., Exhibit builders, POP and Sign Companies to inventory or use as needed for all kinds of signage projects. is a USA SNAP FRAME MANUFACTURER.

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Consider These Features and Benefits to Ordering Unassembled in length:

  • Easy to Store (upright)
  • Length can vary and be cut within your available shop or facility ceiling height (up to 12 Ft.)
  • Both aluminum snap frame parts are already assembled with spring clips
  • Frames can be mitered in house to different poster, graphic and signage sizes for multiple projects
  • Easy assembly with screwdriver – No clamping machine required
  • Punched holes for easy mounting.
  • Available in most popular finishes: Brushed Silver and (Satin Brushed) Black
  • Custom powder coat finishes locally as needed (powdercoat over brushed silver snap frame)
  • Eliminate the time needed to order and ship assembled snap frames
  • Reduced assembly and shipping cost for different projects requiring changeable Snap Frames

Mitered Aluminum Snap Frames Up to 12 Feet

Whether it’s 4 Ft., 6 Ft., 8 Ft. or up to 12 Ft., SwingFrames4Sale will chop the mitered corner Snap Frame profile to your specific length requirements. Unless otherwise instructed, we will assemble the two snap frame parts and insert high tension spring clips. Snap Frame lengths will come with straight cuts at both ends of the frame. Up to 7 Feet (84”) in length can be shipped UPS, if longer, freight delivery will be required.

What You Need to do When Working with Snap Frame Lengths

  • Two machines or tools are required to properly work with Snap Frames Lengths at your shop or manufacturing facility. Ideally a double mitered saw and belt sander will facilitate the making of snap frames. Otherwise a mitered saw and hand sander will work, but be more time consuming.
  • When miter sawing snap frames, space between the two frame parts will be required to assure the frame will assemble cleanly and work properly. The overall thickness created by a backing, poster or sign board and/or acrylic overlay going into the snap frame will give you the space needed for your signage insert. The space filler can be wood, plastic or other substrate. The edges of the four mitered frame corners will need to be belt sanded slightly so that the frame snaps open completely.
  • It is strongly suggested you miter and assemble a small snap frame first before completing your display frame project. if ordering snap frame lengths for the first time. you may want to order a small sample frame for reference.

Both parts of the snap frames are made in aluminum. The top frame profile comes in an anodized Satin Silver finish (same as Brushed Silver) and also in a satin (brushed) black. The bottom frame, the thin flat piece in back of the front frame profile, comes in a mill (silver aluminum) finish.

No other display frame is as versatile and cost effective as aluminum snap frames. Used as a wall mount display frame or free standing display frame, these quick changeable frames are commonly used as point of sale sign displays, graphic frames, photography frames, poster frames, restaurant menu frames, indoor and outdoor sign frames, small and large backlit lightboxes, hanging ceiling frames, banner hanging frames, A frame sign holder and truck sign frames. Many display designers add snap frames to point of purchase cabinets and for wall inset display.

Snap frames for poster and signage are typically ordered in brushed silver and black. If a custom color is needed, snap frame lengths can be powdercoated to your specific color request; call us with the PMS color and we will provide a quote. Minimum quantities are required for custom powder coated snap frames. Snap Frames in Length are Available to Display Manufactures Dealers and Resellers. Become a dealer today. Click Here to set up a dealer account